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End of a Bland Week

Posted on 2006/08/27 02:48:38 (August 2006).

[Friday 25th August]
It had been a pretty bland week all in all - so when Friday night came round I was quite determined to go out at least a bit. So Chie and I went to Doma Doma after work - the izakaya (next to one of our two nearest stations) that we have been to a few times before. There are a few items on the menu here which don't have any meat in, so whilst it's not quite enough to have a thoroughly satisfying meal, with the addition of a beer or two I can at least get to the point where I'm not that bothered any more. So we had pretty much the usual things we always eat at this place - some fresh tofu (hiyayako), some garlicy potato wedges, the "Salt n' Shake" style vegetable chips, a few crudités and so on.

Oh and after that we popped into the little bottled beer bar next door, which had coverage from the Fuji Rock festival on the big screen TV, which was nice. I was reminded yet again how completely ignorant I am about Japanese music.

After that we went to our local Tsutaya (Japanese equivalent to Blockbuster) to rent a couple of DVDs. We rented out Spirit / Fearless / Huo Yuan Jia / Whatever it is called - that one with Jet Li in. We watched it when we got back, although I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for this kind of film.

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