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Reconstruction via Receipts

Posted on 2006/08/27 02:28:28 (August 2006).

[Tuesday 22nd August]
I'm writing this entry a few days hence and I was initially struggling to remember what I did.

Fishing back through the little pile of receipts on my desk reveals that I went for pizza for lunch at the little pizzeria near my office (yes, to remind you I live in Japan - but there is a lot of Italian food about here). If I recall correctly I had a pizza verdura, for which their intepretation was like having a salad on top of a pizza, and was actually surprisingly quite nice. Oh, and it cost 1320 Yen (62 Yen of which was tax).

In the evening I apparently went to "Kaldi Coffe Farm" which is a chain of delicatessen type shops. There I bought some Yukon Potato Chips (Salt and Vinegar), 399 Yen. A tin of diced tomatoes, 90 Yen. A jar of tomato and porcini pasta sauce, 441 Yen. Finally some a bag of Chifferi Rigati pasta, 241 Yen.

So dinner was pasta with that tomato and porcini sauce. All in all quite an Italian day, foodwise.

I think I spent the rest of the evening in a frustrating search, trying to find more information that would help my proceed with my VBI project.

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