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Ikebukuro Overload

Posted on 2006/08/22 01:49:25 (August 2006).

[Friday 18th August]
Following my very late night at the office the previous day, today I determined I would leave on time - even - gasp - slightly early. So I headed out about 5PM, and went off for my absolutely bog standard Friday night routine. So, dinner at Rohlan first. For a change I chose dishes that were bordering on Japanese rather than the usual Taiwanese/Chinese - a kind of yaki soba. Oh and some gyoza, and a tofu dish which I forget the name of.

Obviously after that I headed on over to Quercus. Normally I average about one visit a month I reckon, but I was keen to go back a bit sooner this time, as last time in a fit of generosity (probably fuelled by alcohol!) another guy at the bar had paid for all of my drinks - and I wanted to return the favour (or at the very least say thank you).

So the chap who had been so generous last time did turn up later on, but to my amusement he barely seemed to remember he had shelled out all that cash last time. A lot of people at that bar seem to have a lot of money to throw around, and so it's hardly worth them batting an eyelid over that sort of incident!

Oh and I made another couple of new friends - a guy doing a PhD (so obviously I had some sage words of advice etc) and a guy who works for Zara. It was a pleasant coincidence that I was wearing a Zara shirt at the time, and I always like the way in Japan that people say thank you when you tell them you are using their companies' products.

I had originally planned to get the last train back (around midnight) but somewhat regrettably I rather lost track of time. I'm not really sure what time it was when I left, probably around 2:30 or 3. I then got a taxi back home - the first time I've taken a taxi all the way from Ikebukuro. Actually it was surprisingly cheap - 5000 Yen (25 quid) which is like a drop on the ocean in Japanese night out terms.

Comment 1

Ah a Zara guy... I like Zara products, does he works in the shops or is he some sort of top designer/manager like thing?

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/22 09:06:29.

Comment 2

Pleasant evening, all in all ?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/08/22 19:10:34.

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