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I Didn't Expect the Spanish Inquisition...

Posted on 2006/08/12 04:29:57 (August 2006).

[Thursday 11th August]
Fairly normal day at work. After work I went out with some people from the office for dinner and a couple of drinks, in the area around where we work. Nothing much to write home about really. I seemed to receive the Spanish Inquisition at a number of points during the evening about what my plans were for the future - clearly the team as a whole has got wind of the fact that I'm not entirely enamoured at the prospect of continuing to work in that environment. It isn't really appropriate to talk to the people on the team about this kind of thing though, so for now, I just issued a lot of "no comment" type answers.

Comment 1

Do you intend to leave? You don't like your colleagues? Or is it your boss? Were you sexually harrassed by the security guard? Your salary isn't high enough, perhaps? Isn't your job exhilarating? Are you wearing a thong?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/08/13 06:51:59.

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