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Posted on 2006/08/06 02:51:16 (August 2006).

[Wednesday 2nd August]
Chie was going to be away for the next two nights, on a tour festivals in Tohoku (the North Eastern part of Japan). So I just quietly wiled away the time whilst Chie was busying herself around me packing.

Packing. Now there's an area which appears to divide the human race into two parts. Chie really takes her time over it, seemingly agonising over ever clothing decision. Me, on the other hand, I basically have a working set of current clothes - a few shirts and a few pairs of jeans. Having travelled a lot over the last couple of years, I seem to have got out of the habit of accumulating a lot of clothing. So I basically just own one week's worth of clothes at a time - when I start to get fed up of a particular shirt/pair of trousers (or it gets holes in it or whatever), I go out and buy a new one to replace it. In this way packing is fabulously easy - I just pack all the clothes I normally wear, with possibly some small thought for variations in climate, depending on where I'm headed.

Anyway, that's it, basically a pretty uneventful day. (Oh, and following my strange obsession to account for my dinner each day, we had spaghetti with an olive and tomato sauce.)

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