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Oh Yes, I Live in Tokyo

Posted on 2006/07/31 15:23:49 (July 2006).

[Monday 31st July]
Well the first day back at work after a nice weekend away is always going to be a bit crappy. Today was no exception. It felt crap on the way into the office to be back in the reality of the morning commute, and once at work I didn't seem to be able to make any progress at all - it was one of the days where I felt I was just fighting against the computer. I eventually threw in the towel around 7:30, feeling very frustrated indeed. When I got back home I had to sit in silence for ten minutes or so just to calm down - as crazy as that sounds.

I've been struggling with the question a lot recently of whether or not I actually like living in Japan. A weekend away is an important reminder that it's not all bad - getting away from Tokyo very quickly makes the country as a whole seem a lot nicer. After giving it some thought today, it occurred to me that maybe it wasn't really Japan at fault in particular. While you're travelling around and having fun everything seems great, but settling into a routine in a place anywhere other than home is difficult - the woes of day-to-day life, work, and all the rest, can not be easily soothed by the standard security blanket of friends and family when you're on the wrong side of the world.

Comment 1

This is also the experience that unfortunately I had to endure in order to understand (I think) what was missing from my life... At the time of writing there are really few minutes that separate me from the employment in a big company and the void of being not employed at all (for the moment and hopefully not for long)... I hope that moving back to Florence will make that difference that seems important to you as well...

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/31 16:28:22.

Comment 2

I can't imagine being so far away from close family and friends. My Dad lives a short 2 hour drive away, just right as far as I'm concerned. Recently a friend of a friend in Alberta mentioned to my husband that he should send his resume out because it would be a great place to start his full-time career in firefighting (currently a volunteer in our town) but after a little investigating we figured out it would still be just as hard (and expensive) to break into the the field as it is here in Ontario and furthermore Jamie said he knew that he couldn't take me that far away from my Dad even if it was for only 3 to 5 years. Not that we see my Dad and step mom every weekend but just knowing that we can pop down for a weekend or even the day is very comforting. Makes the dreaded weekly routine bearable some days knowing that you have family and friends who are looking forward to seeing you and knowing that it will be soon.

Ultimately you have to find peace and happiness in your day to day life. And many times that path is harder to take, but by far the most rewarding. There have been many times over the last 10 years that I've chosen the bumpier road and if I hadn't I wouldn't be living in Ontario, I wouldn't have found my passion for photography, I wouldn't have met my husband and my Dad wouldn't have met my step mom Tina. My dad always told me growing up that he just wanted my sister and I to be happy and content in our lives and if that meant working at McDonald's that was okay so long as we are happy.

Since I've seen so many of your weekend getaway pictures here are two links to our crazy/fun weekend.
The first, Tina's surprise 50th birthday party, no descriptions but lots of crazy shots that you'll find either completely boring/amazing or interesting. Tina has 1 sister and 3 brothers and when the whole family (spouses, kids and cousins) get together there is always tons of laughter, food, drinks and fun.
Sunday Jamie (husband) and I went for a drive about 40 minutes from our home to Big Chute (a very small town). Basically a shuttle for boats as there is no passageway on water to get to the other lake.

My 2 cents... well probably more like a dollar considering the length of the comment. Hope you don't mind.

Posted by Malinda at 2006/08/02 16:14:18.

Comment 3

Nice pics! Unfortunately I am connecting with a crappy 56K modem and it takes a lot to load them, will make sure that I take another look soon, when I have a proper broadband... As for taking the "hard path" I agree. There is a lot to be gained, and a lot of pain to endure, but in the end also that pain is rewarding. Of course you can't keep going like that all your life, but in a way if it was all so easy it would be DEAD BORING! :P

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/02 21:07:15.

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