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Posted on 2006/07/26 15:51:07 (July 2006).

[Wednesday 26th July]
Pretty uneventful. Made a good old red wine stew for dinner, which we ate with some very nice bread Chie had bought from Paul in Tokyo station.

After dinner I wasted a whole lot of time trying to set up the Mac Mini so we could watch the free movie downloads that we get as part of our ISP package. It was all very Windows centric - you could only play the movies with Windows Media Player. Actually it turns out you can get a version of WMP for the Mac, but to my frustration the MS download came as a "StuffIt" compressed file - and seemingly the only website on the planet which offered a download of StuffIt Expander ( had gone offline. Not just for a few minutes, but for the whole evening.

This was all quite irritating, and so you can imagine my eventual conclusion was, indeed, to just StuffIt (or words to that effect).

Comment 1

John: The best resources for quality Mac software (free/shareware or demo) are: - - and last, but not least: which is just sueperb!

I think WMP for Mac is only to version 9. Stuffit should also be available at

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/26 19:48:17.

Comment 2

Thanks Nigel, but actually I tried all of those, and they all seemed to refer back to the same site which, at the time, was offline.

Posted by John at 2006/07/27 01:36:12.

Comment 3

Actually, the Windows Media Player 'player' is awful (and not Universal) so even MS recommend downloading Flip4Mac which is a .wmv plugin for Quicktime. There's a Universal binary version of it here:

Posted by Gavin at 2006/07/27 09:55:24.

Comment 4

Interesting, Gavin! I have a registered version of the PPC binary of flip4mac, but it wouldn't install on my new dual-core machine. Sounds like they've released a universal... Great!

However VLC seems a pretty good, free alternative... :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/27 11:50:15.

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