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Otaku Matsuri Part 1

Posted on 2006/07/24 15:01:50 (July 2006).

[Saturday 22nd July]
For everyone but Lorenzo (whose Japanese is vastly better than mine) "Otaku Matsuri" means "festival of nerdiness". This weekend I was largely left to my own devices, and so I basically stayed in and wiled away my time on the computer. Today Chie went off to a kind of seminar about yukata (the Japanese dress which is a bit like a kimono, but slightly more casual), leaving me with a whole afternoon to indulge in geeky pursuits.

Now that the 'Maison backup utlity is basically over and done with (OK, it's pretty rough around the edges, but it does what it says on the tin - it backs up the 'Maison) I've moved on to my next software project. This one, however, is an evil masterplan which I have a rediculous notion will one day make my fortune, so for the time being it is going to remain secret. OK, well a bit secret - in a nutshell I have grand designs that I am going to make the fast forward / rewind buttons obsolete. On any kind of video player. In the little make believe world that exists in my head, one day we will look back on those archaic control mechanisms in the same way we mockingly reminisce about taking cassettes out and turning them over to play the other side.... and in the same way Google has entered into the language as a verb to mean search, one day we'll talk about JohnTech (or whatever) as a means of navigating around video.

Yea, right!

Anyway, it was nice to reassure myself that I still actually enjoy writing software - despite my day job's best efforts to make me hate it.

In the evening, after Chie finished her yukata seminar, we met up at one of the stations nearby our apartment, and to my surprise Chie was in fact dressed in a yukata. We were both hungry, so decided to get something to eat nearby, and more or less the only place that was any good was this little Indian restaurant next to the station. It was slightly surreal to go for a curry with Chie in her yukata, but nice nonetheless.

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