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Jazz Night

Posted on 2006/07/21 11:18:36 (July 2006).

[Thursday 20th July]
TK*, my friend from the office who I often go out after work with, is also a very talented jazz pianist, and it turns out he often goes to play in jam sessions around Tokyo. Tonight there was going to be one in a bar fairly close to the office - this sounded like fun, so when he asked me if I wanted to come with him I jumped at the chance.

It was a very nice night out - whilst TK was very self-critical of his performance, I thought he played brilliantly. There were several other pianists who played during the course of the evening, but all the rest of them seemed to take it too seriously - they didn't look like they were enjoying themselves, and didn't put a great deal of feeling into their playing. Yes, technically they were very competent, but it was like a robot playing the piano - perfect but somehow a bit soulless. TK on the other hand had a charmingly rascally approach. He wasn't afraid to have a few drinks first (unlike the rest of them) and just seemed to relax and enjoy himself. Watching and listening to him play was oddly kind of spellbinding - slightly reminiscent of Lianne Carol playing at Ronnie Scott's.

Yes, the other people there were all very focused on their music - to the point that you wondered if a bar was really the right venue for this sort of thing. I couldn't help but wonder how the bar made any profit - apart from me and TK, everyone else just sat with a single drink which they nursed all night. It seemed likely that me and TK spent more than the rest of the customers put together, and the owner did give us a very grateful nod as we left.

What with going to see Coldplay the day before as well it is turning into a very musical week!

* - Call me paranoid but I feel a bit weird of putting the actual names of people I work with on this blog.

Comment 1

Given track records, your paranoia is well-founded, John! Though I don't think you've ever really "stepped out of line"... Yet ! :)

As for your friend's jazz playing... Yes, that's what jazz is all about - feelings! Playing by the book, or to formula, or mechanically is a wste of the "format" - in my opinion! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/21 14:17:24.

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