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Me and Lox at the New York Bar

Posted on 2006/07/08 14:59:33 (July 2006).

[Friday 7th July]
Lorennzo was in Tokyo this week, and tonight was our first opporunity to meet up. I killed time around Shinjuku for the first part of the evening as Lox had an excutive dinner with a big Japanese company, so it was well after 9 by the time we finally met up. As we met at the South Exit to Shinjuku station, I somewhat randomly decided it would be nice to go and visit the famous New York Bar at the top of the Park Hyatt Hotel. You know, the one in Lost in Translation.

It's funny, the bar has been made pretty famous by the film, and the hotel website describes it as "...the city's hottest see-and-be-seen venue.", and yet me and Lox, two relative nobodies, were able to just turn up on a Friday night, and, after a short wait, get a table with no problem. One of the nice things about Japan is that there is more or less no class system here - or at least if there is, as a foreigner I am somewhat immune (or just oblivious) to it. Whilst going to an "exclusive venue" in London would have me full of insecurities, assuming I might be turned away for just being too common; in Tokyo I am happy to just stroll into these kinds of places like I'm royalty. Or maybe it just isn't as "exclusive" a venue as the hype makes out.

Anyway, it was jolly nice, and I had a distinct feeling that me and Lorenzo are moving up in the world - and this is the sort of place we ought to be frequenting more often. Whilst the cocktails were not the best either of us had ever tasted, the setting and the ambience were great, as was the live jazz (the singer was just great).

Oh and appropriately enough we got talking to some New Yorkers in there - I felt a little bit like we'd stumbled into an episode of Sex and the City.

Anyway, a very pleasant evening out.

Comment 1

Indeed. I liked the evening a lot, it was very different and quite nice. Especially the part when you rescued the bird that pretended to faint (full account HERE). Good job Johnny boy!

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/08 16:23:17.

Comment 2

Lox's recollection of the evening is of course a complete fabrication. I think some of those cocktails must have gone to his head!

Posted by John at 2006/07/09 01:32:10.

Comment 3

It's probably passed you by, but today (7th) marked exactly one year since you collected your PhD.

Posted by Mum at 2006/07/09 18:05:46.

Comment 4

Hmmm... why does this entry seem particularly popular with spammers?

Posted by John at 2008/05/05 08:41:14.

Comment 5

Hopefully this will be the last of the spam on this entry!

Posted by John at 2008/07/22 11:42:51.

Comment 6

One more test to make sure I haven't broken anything...

Posted by John at 2008/07/22 11:59:16.

Comment 7

As of now all comments are being checked by Akismet, which will hopefully keep the spam down a bit!

Posted by John at 2008/07/22 12:06:56.

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