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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Getting a bit Tedious...

Posted on 2006/07/05 14:03:48 (July 2006).

[Tuesday 4th July]
I've noticed recently that my blog is starting to get a bit uninteresting. Now don't misinterpret this dear reader, this isn't so much a case of fishing for compliments, as much as a simple statement of my opinion. When I read back through the entries of late, I've found it rather, well, dull. This is one of the difficulties of a commitment to writing an entry for every single day - some days are just not worth writing about! I seem to have fallen into a rut of either complaining about my job or just talking about what I've been doing on the computer. In both cases, they hardly make for particularly riveting reading matter.

So I shall make an effort from now on to be a bit more interesting - or at least if I've got nothing interesting to say I shall endeavour to keep entries brief. Oh, and I'm going to try and stop complaining about work so much.

Today unfortunately fell into the category of "nothing interesting to say". Work was dreary (oops, there I go again!). After work neither Chie nor I felt like cooking, so we hardly ate anything really - just some corn on the cob. We rounded off the evening with a few episodes of Frasier, and I'd developed a penchance for a Bloody Mary earlier in the day, so had popped off to the supermarket to buy the necessaries. That's it really!

Comment 1

Well I think that a blog is a sort of diary so it is possible that for a peiod one doesn't have any interesting to say. To me, reading about your dull days or rants about the well known software company is a way to feel closer to you and to imagine what you are doing so it's worht every bit of my attention nonetheless! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/05 14:19:50.

Comment 2

Keep meaning to ask - where is that bridge in your picture?

Posted by Mad Mumsie at 2006/07/05 14:42:45.

Comment 3

John life is not always interesting and anyone reading your blog should realize that. Ultimately I enjoy reading your blog and learning that even those living in a place that seems so very far away and perhaps a world I might never see, there is a couple that is living life and its still as uneventful (at times) as the life I live with my husband here in Canada. And well when I can't bring myself to design yet another brochure without wanting to poke my own eyes out I'll hop over to some of my favourite blogs to see what's been written.

Keep up the good work. Just imagine one day sharing this with your own children or grandchildren (assuming you want to be a dad someday) personally I think that would be pretty amazing to have a 10+ year diary/photo album to share. You can always take pictures and share those with people but to have the diary that goes with it, your thoughts, the story from that day right there with the picture. It doesn't matter if it's just another night out for a beer/dinner or an adventure to a new place .......... its fantastic!

Posted by Malinda at 2006/07/05 17:44:29.

Comment 4

What you do every day, even the boring stuff, is what makes us who we are, if you cut out all the mundane dross that everybody has in their lives then you won't have a diary blog but an edited highlights of exciting things that eventually become boring because they aren't exciting enough.
I think I am trying to say, you need some Ying with your Yang else the Yang just gets boring too!

Posted by Kev at 2006/07/05 19:55:18.

Comment 5

Well, I enjoy all the blogs here!! :) (Kev: get writing!)

Before the Maison, I tried to document stuff, but it never had the momentum I now give to the Maison entries. So just by existing the Maison drives lives along... in an odd sort of way. It also keeps the old brain ticking over on something other than work for those days when nothing much exciting happens!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/05 21:02:37.

Comment 6

John, I would agree with Malinda - it is interesting to read about your life in Japan, a country which I think holds mystery for us in the West... Besides, if life was unexpectedly diverse every day, it would soon burn you out!! Your blog is an honest and fascinating insight into life there. More power to your keyboard!

Posted by Bryan Hollamby at 2006/07/05 23:35:07.

Comment 7

I have not seen wedding pictures. Have you married that wonderful looking girl Chie yet?????


Posted by J-Sun at 2006/07/13 01:24:05.

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