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Posted on 2006/06/28 13:06:07 (June 2006).

[Monday 26th June]
Chie was off sick today, which actually turned out rather nice - as she was feeling a bit better towards the end of the morning we met up for lunch. Chie came to the part of Tokyo where my office is. We had lunch at the natural food restaurant I occasionally go to (which seems to be able to do a vegetarian meal on request). After this I took it on myself to give Chie a quick guided tour of my office - complete with a drink at the coffee shop on the ground floor.

So the working day was not so bad - it was really nice to see Chie for lunch, and also the actual working bit either side was a bit better than the norm. My friend, the contractor, was back in the office after a two week absence, and to coincide with this I'd determined to put my foot down, and spend more time working with him, and less time doing ther rather crappy assignment that had occupied much of the last fortnight.

I spent a large part of the day at work installing a source control system, and, funnily enough, also ended up doing the same thing on the Mac Mini when I got back home. Whilst at work I was naturally using a big bucks commercial product, at home I installed the delightfully cheap and cheerful CVS. This will help me to manage the software development I occasionally dabble with at home, and could even open up the possibility for other people to contribute to the development effort, should anyone every be interested (I'm not holding my breath!).

Whilst installing CVS I think I may have come up against the first thing I don't like so much on Mac OS X - the Net Info manager. It is the thing you use for administering users and groups, and it was a real painin the arse. It took quite a while before I discovered the magic dance you have to do in order for your changes to actually take effect. Still, it's hardly an every day task, so I suppose I can forgive OS X in this instance.

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