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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Posted on 2006/06/28 24:40:25 (June 2006).

[Sunday 25th June]
It was a very lazy day indeed. I woke up relatively early, feeling unbearably hot - a combination of hangover, fever from my cold, the fact that the apartment was a bit fuller than usual (Chie's sister had stayed over) and the generally muggy and unpleasant weather. I had to get out of the flat, so went for a walk, and visited a nearby supermarket to buy things for breakfast.

After I got back, I had a late breakfast with Chie - reminding myself just how much I like croissants with butter and jam. After that Chie seemed to doze off, and whilst I initially was determine to get some stuff done on the computer, I too dozed off after a while. A large part of the afternoon seemed to get lost in this way - drifting in and out of conciousness.

Towards the end of the afternoon, I had an uncharacteristic urge to go shopping. So we left the flat and headed over to Shinjuku. We spent a long time in the Tower Records there - I had decided it was high time to swell my rather measly CD collection here in Japan (I left them all back in the UK, and only converted a few to MP3s before coming to Japan).

We bought an odd mix - including 10 Duke Ellington CDs for a rediculously cheap 1400 Yen (about 7 quid - so 70p per CD). Oh and I bought "Contraband - The Best of Men at Work". Men at Work's album Business as Usual was the first album I'd ever owned - my Dad gave it to me (quite possibly because he'd got fed up with it!). So this was full of nostalgic appeal for me. I'd only ever owned this one Men at Work album, and yet I appeared to know half the songs on the "Best Of" album. From this I'm going to extrapolate that Men at Work only ever made two albums...

My other purchase at Tower Records was Monty Python and the Holy Grail - believe it or not I had never actually owned this previously. It's quite great to have the Japanese version - pretty much the same as the standard version, but the Japanese subtitles ought to make for fascinating reading!

So the evening was then consumed with adding my new CDs to iTunes on the Mac Mini (which is gloriously effortless), and once that was done, sitting back to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. For the fourteenth time.

Comment 1

Technically speaking by extracting MP3s you are infringing some sort of Copyright or something... correct? Anyways, I have a question...

How does Chie likes Monty Python? Usually non english people don't understand them, of course I love it but that's all because you, Rob, Tim, Chris and Jon taught me!

Posted by Lox at 2006/06/28 13:22:29.

Comment 2

Chie has hardly watched any - just one film (the Meaning of Life). I'm not sure it was really her cup of tea, but I have heard her humming sum of the tunes now and again - so obviously something sunk in.

I may attempt to show her the Holy Grail - I think it is the best of the films, and now I've got the Japanese DVD she can even benefit from subtitles in her own language.... Not that it will necessarily guarantee she can make any sense of it!

Posted by John at 2006/06/28 15:42:46.

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