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A good note to end on

Posted on 2006/06/25 07:17:22 (June 2006).

[Friday 23rd June]
Having got it all out of my system the previous day, today was a much better day at work. This was helped also by the fact that I had a great excuse to leave early - I'd been invited to a vendor's office for a progress update, and then dinner. So I left my office around 4, which felt great.

So I then had a very nice evening out with my friend from work - who is actually a contractor - and one of the big bosses of his company. They were very hospitable - even having sought out an entirely vegetarian restaurant for my benefit - we went to this all-vegetarian Indian place, which was very good indeed. After dinner the big boss went off home, leaving just us "young folk" to go for a few more drinks around Shibuya. We started off at an Irish pub, then went to a fairly upmarket cocktail/whisky bar, and then rounded the evening off in a very studenty sort of cafe place.

All in all a very pleasant evening - I tried to keep moaning about work to a minimum, but unfortunately a little did spill out towards the end. I suppose that is par for the course though really!

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