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Better than Nothing

Posted on 2006/06/12 16:12:15 (June 2006).

[Monday 12th June]
The past few weeks at work have not been all that great, so Mondays in particular have become a somewhat less-than-relished prospect. As usual I wasn't exactly filled with glee on my way into work in the morning, but actually the day didn't turn out too bad. There was hardly anyone from my team in the office which - and I hate to sound so unsociable - actually made for a nicer working atmosphere. I made what I felt to be a reasonable amount of progress on my current assignment. By a "reasonable amount of progress" what I actually mean is a non-zero quantity - the last couple of weeks has seen a number of soul destroyingly frustrating days, where for one reason or another I've just got absolutely nowhere. So it was a nice feeling to report back to head office at the end of the day, and, for once, actually have something at least slightly positive to say.

After work, back at home, Chie and I made yaki niku (using fake meat of course) with our hotplate thing on the dining table. This is always a bit of fun - a break from the norm if you will, cooking somewhere other than the kitchen.

We also watched another batch of Frasier episodes, and thus the evening passed quite pleasantly.

Comment 1

I like Fraiser a lot, shame that they don't boradcast it here in Italy... So I have to watch it on the plane when I go abroad... Nice chap! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/06/12 22:14:45.

Comment 2

Channel 4 is showing Frasier every morning at 9am. Makes a nice start to my day.

Posted by Mum at 2006/06/13 22:36:31.

Comment 3

I'll be in Tokyo for a week flying in from Seattle. Wish I could stay as long as you do!

Posted by Joe at 2006/06/14 04:44:30.

Comment 4

Wow Joe - you're like an inverse me aren't you? I live in Tokyo and occasionally fly to Seattle.

Hey, you don't by any chance work for a "famous software company" do you?

If so, please disregard anything you read on this blog!

Posted by John at 2006/06/15 14:32:49.

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