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New Irish Bar

Posted on 2006/06/08 14:08:41 (June 2006).

[Thursday 8th June]
The previous evening's gambit had paid off rather well - for the time being at least my self esteem seems to have been restored, and I felt a lot better being at work today. Other than that the daytime was relatively uneventful, but in terms of my mood it was a complete turnaround, after a downright miserable couple of weeks beforehand.

A new Irish bar opened today in the little suburb of Tokyo where my office is. The area has quite a different character to central Tokyo, so to find such an intrinsically foreign establishment opening up here came us quite a surprise.

Me and my friend from the office (who is Japanese, but with an attitude that gloriously balances the best of both worlds) were both very determined to be amongst the first customers, and so we left the office around 6ish, and hurried over there.

I determined that it would be my new regular within about four seconds of walking through the door. Objectively speaking there was nothing that special about it, the decor was modest and the beer was at best reasonable (not to mention a little overpriced)... but somehow I just liked it. Perhaps it was just the delight of something with so many familiar attributes (beer in pints, etc) in the part of Japan where I've probably felt most alienated. I'd occasionally been for an after work drink in the various bars betwen my office and the nearest station, but none of them had really had any long lasting appeal. This place however I can really see becoming a regular haunt.

So it was a good night out, albeit a fairly short one - I was back home by 9. Probably for the best though, what with it being a school night and all that.

Comment 1

I'm glad you feel better.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/06/08 21:19:20.

Comment 2

Is it better than the one is Shinjuku?

Posted by Lox at 2006/06/09 07:57:30.

Comment 3

Hmmm... probably not!

Posted by John at 2006/06/09 11:03:50.

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