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Posted on 2006/06/07 15:51:39 (June 2006).

[Monday 5th June]
A wholly crap day at work, which doesn't really deserve writing about at all.

Lunch was at least nice though - there is a "natural foods" cafe very close to the office, which, after a little negotiation with the staff over several visits, appears to be able to do a genuinely vegetarian lunch for me. I think the place had been frequented in the past by some Indian vegetarians from my company, and so the guy who runs the place was pretty well up on the requirements already. God bless the Indians for their vegetarian trail blazing - they are of course, the only country in the world that does vegetarianism on a proper scale. I think they run to something like a third of the population - hundreds of millions, which makes the UK's 5% of the population (or whatever it is) seem a little insignificant by comparison! So definitely, hats off to India.

In the evening I made a very simple dinner, as neither Chie nor I were particularly hungry. We basically just had a hearty bowl of home made soup each, and some crusty bread.... and that just about did us really.

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