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Curry OK?

Posted on 2006/05/31 14:08:10 (May 2006).

[Wednesday 31st May]
The title here is a dreadful pun. Tonight we went for an Indian meal, followed by some karaoke. Do you see what I've done there - eh? Eh? Curry - ok? Karaoke? Curry OK? Eh? Eh?

Dear reader, I have probably destroyed any will you may have previously posessed to read though this article. I can only apologise, my defense being that puns are a weakness of mine. It's like a disease.

Anywho, I had a very pleasant evening out today. After work, Chie and I met up at one of the two stations near to our apartment. I think the original plan may have been to go to a supermarket near there and buy food for dinner, but this was almost instantly abandoned when Chie recalled there was an Indian restaurant near to the station that we'd seen a few times, but hadn't yet tried.

The food was very good. We were the only people in the place, which seemed a shame, as not only was the food of a really good quality, but the staff were also very friendly. Just after we sat down, the guy came up to me and said "Beeeeeer....?" in an utterly delightful tone of voice. It was like he had read my mind, and it was of course impossible to say no. Ten out of ten for presentation sir!

We had a kind of sag aloo dish (called Palak..?) and a lentil based curry called something like a Samar (or was it Sabar...?) I'd not had anything quite like this before, it was very rich and quite sweet, with a flavour reminiscent of pumpkin. All very good stuff.

Afterwards we decided on a whim it might be nice to go and sing some karaoke, for a bit of stress relief. It has been a while since I've been to the box type of karaoke, and it occurred to me this may be related to my recent malaise about the Far East - karaoke on a more or les weekly basis is pretty much a necessity here for the purposes of maintaining morale. I sang lots of loud shouty songs, and felt much better afterwards.

So it was a very nice evening out, and I am pleased to report the "appreciation of Japan graph" is now on an upward slope, after the recent lull.

Comment 1

Karaoke... Curry OK...
Mmmmm..... I'm afraid you're going down in my esteem, John!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/05/31 18:57:36.

Comment 2

I am having seizures due to the sadness of this joke....

Posted by Lox at 2006/06/01 08:27:19.

Comment 3

Which station? My husband and I are always looking for good Indian food. :)

Posted by L at 2006/06/04 03:44:05.

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