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You're All Fired!

Posted on 2006/05/26 15:27:52 (May 2006).

[Friday 26th May]
It's been a bit of a crap week at work this week, and today was, in the main, a continuation of that same theme.

The morning at least was punctuated with a small humorous aside though, which did serve to brighten things up a bit. There was an article posted on a website here in Japan, which seemed to imply that my company had sub-contracted out all the work that my team are supposed to be doing to some other company. Amusingly, several of our partners had taken this to mean the team had been disbanded altogether, and one of my colleagues had received a number of concerned phone calls the previous day.

It was of course all a misunderstanding, but the recent stressful week had put us all in a silly mood. So we emailed one of the management team over at our US HQ about the whole thing, keen that he should also join in on the fun. He went straight to the head of our division, and said:

"Hey, I've just got this email from the Tokyo team, they've heard their project has been cancelled, and they're all going to be fired!"

The head of division, ever the comedian, simply replied:

"What, they've still got email access?".

You've gotta laugh!

Nothing much else to report really. The evening was a very quiet one, just stayed in, made a distinctly welsh dinner (leeks and potatoes in a cheese and mustard sauce) and relaxed with a glass or two of Talisker.

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Baton for you then? :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/27 06:07:10.

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