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What a Superb Result

Posted on 2006/05/18 11:01:20 (May 2006).

[Thursday 18th May]
By this morning I determined that this just wouldn't do. Two days off work was one thing, but a third was just out of the question. My Japanese colleagues would have had to lose an arm and have suffered kidney failure to have justified that length of absence. Oh, and then they'd work double their normal hours from then on to make up for the fact that they were typing slower with just the one arm.

As it happens I was feeling a bit better - I think my illness was now turning into a regular cold - yea I was feeling crap and snotty, coughing and sneezing, but that is all manageable. So I trudged bravely into work, safe in the knowledge that I could always saw off a limb if I wanted to secure myself another day off.

I was however a little apprehensive about going back into work. Actually for most of the past month or so things had really started to improve in my job - the endless demands for pointless documentation seemed to have died down, and in their absence I had been quietly getting on with, well, making software. ...and hoping no-one would notice I was actually doing the job I was hired for. Unfortunately though, a looming business trip (scheduled for next week) had meant a bit of a return to the "bad old days". Yes it was back to more reams of documentation, tension ridden teleconferences and mountains of unpleasantly worded emails. After two days off, I imagined there'd be some festering timebomb waiting for me on my desk, and I'd have a dreadful day, compounded by the fact I was still feeling rather grotty.

So you can image my surprise and delight when the first email I opened told me that the business trip was cancelled, and there was no immediate requirement for all that documentation. It was like a little MIME encoded miracle waiting in my inbox.

Funnily enough, my cold started to get better almost immediately. Sure, I still had the same symptoms, but they went from being a stone around my neck, to being naught but a minor inconvenience.

This particular brand of elation has prompted me to construct a new entry in the Meaning of Liff

Allaleigh n. That indescribably lovely feeling when you realise you won't have to fly off to Seattle this weekend after all.

Comment 1

That's my boy.

Posted by Mum at 2006/05/18 14:03:22.

Comment 2

Errr, thanks Mum, but I'm not exactly sure what I accomplished here to warrant your congratulatory words (at least that's how I interpreted them - maybe you were actually say "That's my boy, the lazy sod!")...?

Posted by John at 2006/05/18 14:08:15.

Comment 3

Yeah ! That's the John I know (yeah like the one puking from the window in radstock)...

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/18 14:51:24.

Comment 4

I meant you were just being yourself - only more so!

Posted by Mum at 2006/05/18 16:47:20.

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