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Posted on 2006/05/18 10:36:16 (May 2006).

[Wednesday 17th May]
Even rarer than me taking a day off work sick, is for me to take two days in a row off sick. The previous evening I had pretty much made up my mind I would trudge back into the office the next day, come hell or high water. In the morning the lie of the land was somewhat different - I felt just plain lousy. It's only a cold, but it seems to have completely drained all of my energy. So another day was lost to the world, slobbing around the flat doing nothing in particular.

Being in Japan, I didn't even have the brain dead comfort of daytime TV to fall back on. I did try watching some Japanese TV, and spent a while trying to get my head round what (I think) was some kind of educational program. It was about dry ice and magnets. You know, the kind of science that "real" scientists never actually do, but is put on the telly to try and get kids excited about the subject. That must spell dark times in the Japanese education system - up until now I had assumed that the diligence of school children was unquestioned, a given thing. Clearly if they're having to use these sorts of tricks then Japanese kids are becoming ever more westernised (i.e. disobedient, lethargic and generally uninterested in their education). Hoorah for globalisation!

Chie came home in the evening to tend to the invalid. As I had declared myself too ill to cook, the previous evening's dinner had been somewhat basic (a bowl of soup out of a tin) though not entirely unpleasant. Tonight, clearly Chie determined that there was no immediate end to my lurgeed status in sight, and took it upon herself to take over the role of household chef. I instructed her from my sick bed on how to make a sort of Mexican meal, which seemed to be exactly what I needed. Up until that point it had been a weird sort of a cold - I'd felt congested, but my nose wasn't really running to speak of. A good dose of Capsicum frutescens appeared to open up the sluices, and soon every concievable flat surface was covered with snotty tissues. I was much happier after this. If I'm going to be ill, I'd at least like to be ill in the manner to which I've become accustomed, thank you very much.

Comment 1

Ciao John!!!!
I'm very sorry about your cold... I hope that you will recover soon and that is not anything serious.
Anyway from your words, you rememebr me someone we both know: Lorenzo!!! .... :))) ...... seems that Japanese TV it's quite boring....don't you have the possibility to watch some good DVD ??
I wish you to recover soon!!
ciao ciao!!!

Posted by Marta at 2006/05/18 11:23:31.

Comment 2

Ciao Marta!

Thank you for your well wishing!

Actually I feel better today - it is just a normal cold now I think.

Hopefully I might be able to see Lorenzo in a few days! I thought I would be away on a business trip while he was in Tokyo, but I found out today it was cancelled. Hooray! Although it sounds like he will be really busy while he is here...

You'd better tell Lorenzo not to get to close to me (I know what you Italians are like!) - otherwise he'll be bringing my cold back as a souvenir!

Posted by John at 2006/05/18 13:52:54.

Comment 3

I ain't gonna snog you darling!!!! (did it before ou see...)

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/18 14:47:33.

Comment 4

Ciao John,

I'm happy that you are feeling better and that you don't have to go away for your business trip!!! So maybe you and Lorenzo will have a chance to meet!!!

Lorenzo: what about snogging....??? Who?? who did you snog before???? I don't want any cold, germ or whatelse.....mmmmm bad boy !!!

Posted by Marta at 2006/05/18 15:34:04.

Comment 5

Sorry to hear that you're sick mate. I have been off work with a throat infection for a week. Fortunately, though, Antibiotics have kicked it into touch, which is nice.

Get well soon, buddy.,

Posted by Rob Lang at 2006/05/20 15:12:09.

Comment 6

Marta, Lox snogged me on our visit to Florence.

Posted by Rob Lang at 2006/05/20 15:12:46.

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