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Yeah I Know

Posted on 2006/02/26 02:03:54 (February 2006).

[Friday 24th February]
The malaise of the previous day was still lingering a little in the morning, but by the afternoon it had been vanquished, thanks to an "offsite meeting" at lunch time with a fellow countryman who is based at our US office. When I'm in a crappy mood, the last thing I need is to be told is that I don't deserve to be. The whole "starving children in Africa" routine, truth laden though it may be, has been scientfically proven to be incapable of lifting the mood of those all wrapped up in their own trivial problems.

So this other guy didn't do any of that, instead he just said "Yeah I know, I hate it too". This was exactly what I needed to hear. From then on I felt tremendously better, just to have someone else acknowledge that this company was by no means a corporate paradise, and I did have good reason for complaint. You know, in an odd way I even started to feel positive about my job - I was no longer a complete outsider, but rather one of a number of disgruntled masses.

Went out in the evening again with the team I've been working with all week, and the bitching seemed to have become universal - in fact I seemed to be the only person in a thoroughly positive mood. Actually had quite a decent meal as well - a rather nice pizza, with a few oversized beers, and even rounded off with a couple of whiskies at the house of one of my US based colleagues.

A significantly better day than the previous one.

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