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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Second Day in the US

Posted on 2006/02/24 05:27:04 (February 2006).

[Tuesday 21st February]
So in accordance with the ISO standard for jetlag, I woke up about 4AM and couldn't get back to sleep. Not sure why it is always 4AM, but that just seems to be the way of things. So the previous day (or double day) I had been awake 30 hours, then slept for less than six. Therefore again I spent the day in something of a haze. Had lots of meetings and so on, which I guess were actually quite productive, but I don't really remember them that well. In the evening went for a few drinks and dinner with my counterpart from our European office. I hadn't met him in person before and he seemed to be a nice chap.

Comment 1

I alwas get up at 4 when jetlagging happily in other countries... It must be an ISO standard, that's for sure!!

A sort of ROOTKIT installed in our brain that kicks in in event of jetlag...

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/24 11:33:56.

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