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Up and Down

Posted on 2006/02/09 24:48:44 (February 2006).

[Thursday 9th February]
I left work on the dot of 5:30 in an utterly foul mood. I'm not even entirely sure why - the day had started off well enough, by lunch time I was still feeling relatively positive, but during the afternoon I just seemed to plummet. By 5:30 I literally couldn't wait to get out of there. I really was in a foul, foul mood.

I decided I would like to go for a drink somewhere to try and cheer myself up, so just got on a train and headed in the general direction of Shinjuku, without any real idea of where I would end up. From Shinjuku though, some kind of autopilot took over - not for the first time either - and a short while later I found myself in Ikebukuro.

Within a few minutes of arriving in my favourite bar I had calmed down, and a bit later still you could be forgiven for spotting an actual smile on my face.

A Yorkshireman I met (in another bar) a few weeks back told me life as a foreigner in Japan was very up and down - and he was so right. Within the same day I can go from being totally miserable to more or less ecstatic. Today was a perfect example of this - I started off fine, my mood degraded to something really quite ugly during the afternoon, and then a few hours later I was all chirpy again (admittedly though, after leaving the bar I did have another bit of a slump).

Comment 1

Perhaps you had better analyse what you are eating for lunch?

Posted by Mum at 2006/02/09 16:46:39.

Comment 2

Maybe you have a daikon deficiency John? ;-)

Posted by Bryan Hollamby at 2006/02/11 24:47:12.

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