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A Small Whinge About Labelling

Posted on 2006/02/04 02:10:23 (February 2006).

[Tuesday 31st January]
Took full advantage of the opportunity for a "night off" from the busy week of work related outings. So had a quiet night in, and cooked at home.

Dinner was a bit of a disappointment though - we tried to make kimchi ramen (a spicy soup noodle dish) but it just seemed to come out all wrong. Oh and we bought some potato kuroke (croquettes?) to go with it. We had scoured the ingredients list and found no mention of meat, but on opening one up back at home found lots of those "micro meat" particles that the Japanese seem to be so fond of. Their only purpose I can presume is to confound vegetarians, as I doubt they are of any great benefit to the taste. I looked back through the ingredients list later, and it turned out they had also neglected to mention "potato" on there as well. So it appears the ingredients list was only really for the batter. Go figure. It's one thing for vegetarians to have a hard time in Japan, but for people with allergies it must be a nightmare here - the standards of food labelling are nowhere near as advanced as they are back in the UK. In fact having also found the US and a couple of European countries to be a little lacking in this department, I'm starting to think this is one area where good old Blighty is a world leader!

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