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Posted on 2006/01/21 09:48:05 (January 2006).

[Saturday 21st January]
On my way home the previous evening a few snowflakes had been falling. Between then and when I opened the curtains the next morning it must have snowed quite a lot, as there was a thick covering of it everywhere I looked.

Poor old Chie had to go into work today. I on the other hand didn't, which was just as well given my late return the previous evening. I didn't surface until after 11, and then spent most of the daytime just lolling around the house basically.

Comment 1

Marvellous!! I remember that when I was living there a massive snow storm completely paralyzed Tokyo for 3 days! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/21 11:43:41.

Comment 2

shouldn't you bring those plants indoors John, They might get frost bitten and DIE out there!!!

Posted by Kev at 2006/01/21 14:55:24.

Comment 3

The olive tree should be OK, John - here in Greece they seem to survive far harsher winters than I remember from the UK - or is that what makes the olives bitter??? hehe

Posted by Bryan Hollamby at 2006/01/21 20:11:39.

Comment 4

Depends on the variety, Bryan. + John's tree is still very young. I'm sceptical. Snow may be Ok, not frost. You should cover it vith straw, John...................... and hug it every night before bedtime.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/01/22 08:37:47.

Comment 5

Thanks guys, I am really tocuhed by the widespread concern for the well being of my olive trees!

Posted by John at 2006/01/22 14:03:16.

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