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Posted on 2006/01/17 14:59:37 (January 2006).

[Tuesday 17th January]
It was six years ago today that Chie and I first met, and so we set the evening aside to mark the occasion. We'd originally planned to go for dinner at one of the swanky restaurants in the hotel where Chie works, but in the end we gave up on this idea - understandably it wouldn't have been that much of a special occasion for Chie eating in what is effectively her office!

So instead we kicked off the evening with a quick bite to eat at a Turkish restaurant near Shinjuku station. After this we then spent the main part of the evening in the New York Bar on the 52nd floor of the Parc Hyatt Hotel - as featured in Lost in Translation. I'd also had this place recommended as being a really nice spot, quite independently of its appearance in the film, and so we'd both wanted to go for some time. I suppose it is one of those things one just has to do when in Tokyo. Judging by the number of foreigners in there it has probably become a bit of a cliche since the film, but anyway, I thought it was very nice in there, and it made for a lovely evening.

Comment 1

Congratulations! Six years? That long? Blimey!

Posted by Rob Lang at 2006/01/17 16:05:11.

Comment 2

A hearty 'Happy anniversary' seems to be in order, I believe.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/01/17 16:17:30.

Comment 3

Thanks guys, yea I suppose six years is quite a long time!

Posted by John at 2006/01/18 12:00:41.

Comment 4

Well done, old chap! Splendid!!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/01/18 10:01:01.

Comment 5

Congratulations and many blessings on your anniversary and lots of love from your old Dad and all of the family .....

Posted by Dad at 2006/01/18 16:21:04.

Comment 6

Wow 6 years! Congrats! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/18 20:43:08.

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