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Friday 13th

Posted on 2006/01/15 03:48:48 (January 2006).

[Friday 13th January]
I was unusually wary about this unlucky day today, but as it turned out nothing untoward occurred. It was a reasonably eventful day in the office. Had a video conference with the US office, during which I was somewhat irked that they put us on mute for a while, to discuss something they obviously didn't want us to hear. One wonders what the point of having a meeting is in the first place! The Japanese side of the meeting then discussed some technical issues entirely in Japanese, and I can't help but think the language choice here wasn't a complete accident, given the earlier breach of etiquette.

I went out for lunch by myself, as I really fancied some Indian food, and there is a place just the other side of the station from the office which does a fairly respectable curry. After this the afternoon then seemed to drag somewhat, until right at the end of the working day, a sudden breakthrough occurred, which was rather gratifying for last thing on a Friday. I probably couldn't explain this without breaching my NDA, and besides, it is rather long and boring anyway. Still, in a nutshell, the project I'm working on is starting to look somewhat more rosey.

Anyway, it was late by the time my thoughts turned to leaving - getting on for 8 o' clock. I decided it might be a good idea to go out for a minor celebratory drink with some of my colleagues, and several of them were clearly in a similar frame of mind and therefore happy to oblige. We went to a couple of bars in the area around the station nearest to our office. Had a nice evening out, but didn't stay out hugely late, and was on a train heading back to the flat before midnight.

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