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Curry for Breakfast

Posted on 2006/01/03 02:56:11 (January 2006).

[Monday 2nd January]
Today was an odd sort of day. Both of us were off work - it was a national holiday. As such we revelled in doing very little whatsoever!

We had hired a couple of DVDs from Tsutaya (the Japanese equivalent of Blockbuster) a couple of days ago, and needed to return them by 10AM. So despite having a bit of a cold I gallantly headed just after 9:30, which felt like the crack of dawn, to go and post them through the box.

I've had an insatiable craving for curry recently. So on the way back I popped into the supermarket to buy some vegetables etc for a Japanese style curry. I then busied myself on making said curry when I got back to the flat, whilst Chie continued to doze. It was probably well after 11 when Chie finally awoke, to the smell of curry, and an announcement from me that we were going to have curry for breakfast. To my pleasant surprise she didn't seem in the slightest bit phased by this idea.

The rest of the day passed with me doing very little but lolling around the apartment, and occasionally going back to the vast pot I had made to eat more curry. Chie headed out around 5 to do a bit of shopping (shops here seem to open fairly late even on national holidays) but I decided I would rather stay in, as two outings in one day was probably pushing it given my cold and everything. So not a particularly eventful day, but then there's probably some sense in treating holidays as, well, holidays - i.e. actually taking a break for once.

Comment 1

Loved the links and will look forward to the third Monday in September.

Posted by Mum at 2006/01/03 16:01:41.

Comment 2

Curry for Breakfast. You've reached a new low. Even by my sausage and bread standards!!!

Posted by Rob Lang at 2006/01/04 13:44:27.

Comment 3

Mmmm Curry and sausages and bread... I actually quite like them for breakfast! Maybe I am just strange...

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/05 01:12:16.

Comment 4

Curry for breakfast in
itself is not a new
thing for me, however
the unusual thing in
this instance is that it
was not a leftover. It
was a *proactive*
breakfast curry!

Posted by John at 2006/01/05 09:24:24.

Comment 5

Curry for breakfast in
itself is not a new
thing for me, however
the unusual thing in
this instance is that it
was not a leftover. It
was a *proactive*
breakfast curry!

Posted by John at 2006/01/05 09:54:01.

Comment 6

Incidentally, those messages are a little oddly formatted (and double posted!) because I posted from my mobile. I could go and edit them, but I find it somehow interesting.

Posted by John at 2006/01/08 06:07:44.

Comment 7

i love curry - am havin one right now, at 9am sunday/



Posted by leeson at 2007/01/28 11:33:52.

Comment 8

just finished curry, at 916am.

i advise everyone to try it.


u know it makes sense

Posted by leeson again at 2007/01/28 11:36:00.

Comment 9

Well, its beena few months, but I have to say, its Saturday night, and Im about to get a curry, but will order too much, so I can have Curry for Brekkie :-) No Fear!! :p

Posted by Lee$on Again :-) at 2007/08/18 16:31:45.

Comment 10

curry for my breakfast, curry for my tea, curry for my dinner, curry just for me!
curry with spices, curry with rice, curry with naan bread is very, very nice!

Posted by paul at 2007/09/29 22:05:36.

Comment 11

I like to add 1 or 2 sections (or tbsp ai think) of Glico hot (yellow box) Curry to my scrambled eggs..

I take some garlic, some strips of white onions (can dice it doesn't matter) some chopped tomatoes and a bit of dry chilli flakes... saute them and then set that aside.... start making standard scrambled eggs, wait for the eggs to start thickening and mix in the curry/onion/garlic you set aside previously.. I like to serve it on a warm pita.. slightly toasted.. preferably a sundried tomato or garlic flavoured pita...... Mmmm I think I'll go make some now!

Posted by goodcurry at 2007/12/22 20:39:18.

Comment 12

Curry for breakfast is DELICIOUS!!!! Nothing weird about that.

Posted by Jane at 2009/01/19 21:29:21.

Comment 13

Its 10.30am and Im digging into lastnights leftover curry... what?????:P

Posted by Jane at 2009/01/19 21:31:18.

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