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Still Being Positive

Posted on 2005/11/28 24:40:00 (November 2005).

[Monday 28th November]
I spent the whole day at work biting my lip, akin to the Fawlty Towers "Don't mention the war!". I was desperate to spout off to my colleagues about how injust I thought their country was, but knew deep down this would be a very bad idea (and thanks to my Mum for re-inforcing this point)! I think I managed to resist fairly well - I had a bit of a chat with a fellow foreign member of staff who had experienced similar things, and also explained the situation in a fairly passive manner to one of the admin staff there, as it would have some repurcussions on my temporary accomodation, etc.

After work Chie and I went to the estate agents to get our money back - we had given them a deposit prior to our failed application for the appartment. They'd fobbed us off with some excuse on Saturday about not having any money at the weekends, so I was a little concerned I may have to use some stern words this time round. As it turned out though it was OK, and so now we've got back our cash, and all we've lost is some time and a bit of pride.

So I was determined from then on to be positive for the remainder of the evening. We went to a foreign food shop and bought a few bits and pieces for dinner. Ironically we could probably have eaten out for less than what we spent on eating in tonight! Got lots of Italian type things - some olives, some "pesto rosso" and a bottle of Chianti (Principesco), that no doubt Lorenzo would have disapproved of! Being the uncultured English slob that I am though, I thought it was quite nice.

So dinner was pretty good actually, I couldn't help but take a moment as I was eating my novel spaghetti concoction to think "Thanks Lorenzo!". I was asked recently what my favourite food was, and I ummed and arred a bit at the time, but let's face it, Italian food stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Comment 1

Good day all in all, but you'll be surprised to know that I do appreciate Principesco as a Chianti. It's not the best of the crop, but it has a very good value/quality ratio, imho.

It seems that I have been in your mind quite a lot these last two days, I am getting scared!! :) (in reality I am completely flattered, we must go to Meji Jingu together!)

As for the spaghetti thing, I was wondering if there was any chance to have the recipe on the Wiki.. :)

Posted by Lox at 2005/11/28 14:59:55.

Comment 2

Your love of Italian food pre-dates Lorenzo. Remember all those Wednesdays at 6pm when it was pasta followed by chocolate mousse to the strains of Star Trek? I still have to put my fingers in my ears when they split that infinitve in the introdution......

Posted by Mum at 2005/11/29 08:21:34.

Comment 3

You are of course right Mum - I was merely saying Thanks to Lorenzo as he is a metaphor for all things Italian!

Mmmmm chocolate mousse...

Posted by John at 2005/11/30 04:55:21.

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