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Asian Tiger vs Indian Elephant

Posted on 2005/11/13 04:41:08 (November 2005).

[Friday 11th November]
The title here comes from a TV program I saw in the UK a while back (possibly Ian Hislop visiting India). An Indian businessman was talking about the rise of India in the global marketplace. He talked about how many of the tiger economies had risen - and fallen - in a very short space of time, whereas the Indian economy was more like an elephant: slow to move but unstoppable once set in motion.

This piece of economic analogy is not hugely relevant to today's post, I was just reminded of this as we went for an Indian meal in the evening, and it took bloody ages to turn up.

Comment 1

i thin a asin tiger because a tiger is way quicker than a elephant and a elephant is to slow and the tiger is way powerful

Posted by corey at 2008/05/19 16:27:57.

Comment 2

I think a asia tiger because a tiger is way stronger than a elephant and quicker than a elephant

Posted by corey at 2008/05/19 16:29:45.

Comment 3

I believe the tiger would win because for absolute strength, the tiger is the strongest land animal. The tiger would be able to jump on the elephant's neck with 1-8 bites to the neck, depending on how strong its jaws are.

Posted by Little Tiger at 2010/04/10 23:31:58.

Comment 4

When I said the tiger will jump on the elephant's neck, I ment its back.

Posted by Little Tiger at 2010/04/10 23:35:37.

Comment 5

The tiger could use its unparalleled strength to pull the elephant down, and cruch its windpipe.

Posted by Little Tiger at 2010/05/29 13:54:56.

Comment 6

The tiger could wrestle the elephant to the ground and use a killing throat grip

Posted by LittleTiger at 2010/10/11 18:04:22.

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