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Stayed In

Posted on 2005/11/12 02:07:35 (November 2005).

[Tuesday 8th November]
Yet another dull day in the now dreary away-on-business routine. I "stayed in" (if you can call being stuck in a hotel "staying in") in the evening, as I had got fed up of eating out. I thought originally getting to eat out every night (with someone else picking up the bill) would be great, but somehow when it is on business there seems to be little pleasure in it. The food hasn't been bad or anything, I think it is just something about it being a necessity rather than a luxury that removes any sense of glamour or excitement from the activity. The task of choosing where to go each night becomes quite tedious after a while. My hotel room has a miniature kitchen, so I cooked some vegetarian burger things I had bought in the supermarket a few days prior. These weren't that great really. So even eating in didn't appear to hold much fun.

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