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Talking shop? Not on my shift!

Posted on 2005/11/06 06:55:54 (November 2005).

[Friday 4th November]
I am somewhat proud of myself, in that over the last few days I have been successfully nurturing a culture of talking about anything-but-work with my fellow Japanese colleagues. Clearly in work hours this is mostly unavoidable, however when we all go out to dinner afterwards - a daily occurence as we're away on business - I have made sure that the conversation steers as far away from "shop talk" as possible.

One member of our team seemed to be busy up until about 7:30, which, given the driving arrangements, meant we all had to wait until that time, somewhat to my frustration. I had finished everything I needed to do for the day by about 5:30 though, so my last two hours in the office were pretty much engaged in anything but work. One particular highlight of this time was when two members from one of the US teams came long with a couple of bottles of Bourbon. I think I may have to change my mind about Bourbon - it appears to be not that bad after all. I was somewhat proud of myself that within only my second week of employment in my new job I had consumed hard spirits in the office (albeit outside of office hours). Brilliant.

When we finally left the office, I went for dinner with two of my Japanese colleagues to a chain place called something like Red Robin. Therein we had some exceptionally unhealthy (but actually quite tasty) fried American food and a couple of beers. Barely a single word of shop talk was uttered, which was great, and we spoke a lot about Japanese culture, Anpanman, Kiyoshi Hikawa, life, the universe and everything.

Comment 1

Good to hear it!

Can't be having any of that talking shop nonsense.

Posted by Rob Lang at 2005/11/07 11:45:43.

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