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Jet Lag

Posted on 2005/10/23 22:20:13 (October 2005).

[Sunday 23rd October]
Spent the day pottering about in haze of jet lag, trying to get myself into a fit state to start my new job the following day.

I'm not really sure if I slept the previous night or not, but certainly by something like 4AM I was wide awake, and there was no way I could get to sleep. I read for a bit (good old Sherlock Holmes), but this didn't succeed in making me any more sleepy. Some time after 7 I thought I might just as well get up and have a shower and some breakfast. This done I thought I would have a little lie down for a bit until the shops etc were open, and then proceeded to fall asleep until 2:30 in the afternoon.

I have no idea which time zone my body clock seems to think it is in, I don't appear to be conforming to any sensible sleep pattern. I think perhaps I have just done too many changes of time zone this year, and my ability to adjust is realy broken. To make matters worse, after my first week in Tokyo, I will apparently have to go to the US for a few weeks of training etc. So I will have just about adjusted to Japanese time when I'll be hoisted out and plonked somewhere else (where, incidentally, I don't really want to go). Marvellous, bloody marvellous.

Anyway, I was awoken at 2:30 in the afternoon by the takyubin (delivery service) - my luggage had finally decided to turn up. In retrospect this was probably quite convenient - as I noted yesterday it meant I didn't have to carry anything.

After a bit of unpacking (mainly to check nothing was broken or impounded by customs!) I decided to go out for a spot of shopping. Went over to Shinjuku first, to buy some network cables and a cute little hub, enabling me to use the internet connection in my temporary flat. Whilst in Shinjuku I also went into the Keio Department store in the station to buy some of their rather fine jaga imo kuroke (sort of potato croquettes) - I've had these on a couple of occasions previously, and thought with a bit of salad they would make a very nice lunch. Also popped to a supermarket on the way back and bought some other bits and pieces of food.

Spent the remainder of the day back at the flat on the internet trying to get back up to speed with everything, and getting stuff sorted out for my first day in my new job.

Comment 1

I think it was a William Gibson book that I was reading recently that had a great explanation for jetlag: When you fly your soul gets left behind and it takes a while for you to reel it in to your new location! Sounds almost likely - jetlag certainly feels a bit like that.

Posted by Simon at 2005/10/24 09:07:58.

Comment 2

Jert lag is a nasty animal. I now play around with my body clock at least 6 times per year, going to the States, Asia, Europe... After a while it's really hard to adjust.
Though I hate them I sometimes use sleeping pills, a good bath and most importantly (when going to Asia from Europe) EAT around midnight! You won't wake up at 4 this way, you might get lucky and go over till 6:00...

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/24 13:56:00.

Comment 3

Incidentally, do you know if you are ACTUALLY going to the States? I am leaving FRIDAY, any chance for a quick greet on Saturday morning (will arrive at my hotel around 12 ish...)

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/24 13:57:36.

Comment 4

Yea Lox, I think I am flying on Sunday, so I can make use of any time you have spare on Saturday, be it morning, noon or night... Would be very nice to see you!

Posted by John at 2005/10/24 15:24:57.

Comment 5

Have you noticed how much faster the internet is in Japan? Here in the UK you will do well to get a 2mb connection, over there I noticed very fast download speeds were common in people's homes.

Posted by andrew at 2005/10/24 16:15:36.

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