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A Day with the Kids

Posted on 2005/10/23 24:39:02 (October 2005).

[Wednesday 19th October]
I had nothing particular lined up in my schedule for today - my visa would not be ready for collection until the following day. So I was free to spend the day in Guildford, helping (?) Liz to look after my niece and nephew. A brief visit to the park to go on the swings was curtailed in the morning by the onset of rain. So instead we went to what my Dad would probably call a "fun centre" (this needs to be read in a particular tone of voice to get the full meaning across). It was one of those sort of indoor playgrounds for kids, with foam things to climb on, and little plastic balls to industriously remove from the pit where they belong.

After this we went to the supermarket to stock up on provisions, wherein we bought, amongst other things, the ingredients with which to make cakes. On our return to the house I spent a while with young William making little fairy cakes, which was a lot of fun. It brought back memories of making Paddington Bear shaped biscuits with Mum when I was probably not much older than William is now. I wonder if he'll remember the afternoon in 25 years time? You never know.

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