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Mornington Crescent

Posted on 2005/10/11 24:53:03 (October 2005).

[Monday 10th October]
So inactive had my brain become, that I spent the majority of the day playing Mornington Crescent on the internet, and often with myself. Didn't leave the house, didn't really do anything really worthy of reporting.

In restrospect I'm not sure it was an entirely wasted day - I look back now with some pride at what I created. The first game of MC I initiated (see here) was on a fruity theme, and, whilst this has no dobut been done before, it did serve to create some truly dreadful puns, as did the second cheese based game (see here). It was very pleasing to see other people joining in (although Steve, I have to admit, was a figment of my imagination) and so deftly continuing in the same awful, awful vein of puns that I had started.

As some bloke in the bible once said, "...he who is without puns, let him throw the first rotten tomato".

Or something like that.

Comment 1

Lazy :-)

Posted by Catherine at 2005/10/12 05:06:53.

Comment 2

Get a job!

Posted by David at 2005/10/12 13:27:59.

Comment 3

Hi, I stumbled across ur wesite when looking for a central london pub crawl for my birthday. I must say tho im not impressed - i looked at the one where u started ur pub crawl at 3 and finished before closing, myself and all my girl friends norm start at opening and finish at closing - so between 11 and 1 am! what pub crawls tho would u reccomend. I am looking for something all day, proably starting mid afternoon!
(sorry i didnt no where else to post this :( )

Posted by trine at 2005/10/13 12:02:13.

Comment 4

Let it be known, John. That I don't know that dude, David, who told you to get a job and I was just kidding about you being lazy.

I would hate to have unintentionally hurt your feelings. :-)

Posted by Catherine at 2005/10/13 03:39:27.

Comment 5

Catherine you are far too nice, John NEEDS a job! Well actually he's got one, if only the visa procedures wouldn't take so long... :P Any news there Johnnny boy?

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/13 08:09:52.

Comment 6

Yep the visa certificate is winging it's way to England as we speak (literally - I think it is on a plane as I write), I will probably be starting my new job in Tokyo within a week or so.

Posted by John at 2005/10/13 13:42:34.

Comment 7

You know that we have to hook up a way or another right!? I am flying on the 28th

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/13 15:00:13.

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