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Posted on 2005/10/02 14:35:14 (October 2005).

[Friday 30th September]
Stayed at Simon's house the previous night, and he gave me a lift into town in the morning. Got on a train just after 9 to Newport, and from there got a train to Abergavenny - I was at Vera and Robin's house before midday. Didn't do much the rest of the day really. Vera made a nice vegetable soup for lunch, and we spent some of the afternoon sorting through Vera's little red box of old photographs. Dinner included a particularly nice dish of potatoes dauphinois, followed by some pasta etc.
In other news I have decided, as an experiment, to start taking vitamin supplements today. This followed recent discussions with a number of people, chief amongst these the Dutch Biochemists who gave us a lift back from the wedding we went to in Hamburg. Apparently a lack of iron can lead to tiredness etc, and I've been told this is a common problem for vegetarians. So I bought a little tub from Boots, specially designed for society's moral elite (that's vegetarians by the way), which not only contain no ingredients of animal origin, but also have a slightly different mix of vitamins etc, to concentrate on the things vegetarians are often lacking in. There a thirty tablets - one a day - so I will try this for a month and see if I notice any difference.

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