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North and South

Posted on 2005/09/28 10:08:50 (September 2005).

[Sunday 25th September]
Went out for a last walk by the sea in the morning. Dad lives in a fantastic spot - he has a beach within walking distance which is quite possibly one of the nicest I have ever seen, and there are never more than a few other people around to share it with! Vera has this little ritual that we always used to go through as kids - at the end of a holiday we would always go to the beach one last time to breathe in "huge lungfulls of sea air", presumably based on the assumption we could store it up somehow, and continue to benefit from it after we had left.
After lunch we headed off - Vera and Robin were going back down to South Wales, and me and Chie had decided to go with them. It was a four hour journey, but my perception of time has changed somewhat given all the travelling I have done this year, so it seemed to be over in a flash. We arrived in Abergavenny just before 7, and Robin knocked us up a very nice dinner.

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