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Ice Cream

Posted on 2005/07/31 13:41:38 (July 2005).

[Sunday 31st July]
Got up late today, as usual, so breakfast (toast and miso soup) was late, which also pushed back lunch (cold noodles) somewhat as well. Didn't want to stay in all day, so headed out around half past three. I decided we should go and find a nice cafe somewhere in the centre of Hiroshima to have an ice cream in. After a bit of wandering about we found a place called Chiamata - an Italian stlye gelataria. The ice cream was good, but, although it may sound an unusual complaint, the servings were just too big. I didn't feel confident managing the Mount Fuji of gelato they gave you in a cone, so I went for a cup instead, but for some reason there didn't seem to be an option to have two different flavours in a cup. Even the nicest ice cream becomes a bit tedious after a while if it is all the same flavour!
Didn't do much after this - just went for a cup of tea and then got the bus back home basically. In the evening had a very nice vegetarian ma po tofu made by Chie's mum, and some hawasbasi (wasabi leaves) we'd managed to by a jar of in the centre of Hiroshima. Drank the bottle of sake I'd bought in Tsuwano the other day, which was very nice too.

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