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Italian Lunch and Visiting Relatives

Posted on 2005/07/22 05:23:42 (July 2005).

[Wednesday 20th July]
Went out in the daytime to visit Chie's grandmother (on her mother's side) and her great aunt. Had lunch at an Italian place called La Sette in Hiroshima, which was very nice, albeit perhaps a bit on the posh side, somewhat unnecessarily. As it was lunchtime and in the week, the place was full of Japanese housewives having lunch with their friends. Spent some of the remainder of the afternoon at Chie's great aunt's house, where I struggled to keep up with the conversation, although was at least able to get the gist (jist?) of it.
I finally got round to buying some new RAM for my laptop today - it had been struggling along on a pitiful 256MB, so I went out and got another 256 to bring it up to 512 - apparently the maximum it can handle. I find RAM highly confusing, and am never particularly sure which is the right one, a problem somewhat compounded by having to buy it in Japanese! Still, following a brief confusion over how much I had installed (Windows reported me having less than I actually did, because some was "purloined" for video RAM), I did seem to have got the right one, and the performance was notable improved.

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