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...and then Guildford

Posted on 2005/06/16 22:12:10 (June 2005).

[Tuesday 14th June]
I awoke in the morning at David's house, with a bit of a hangover. David and Simon, ever the eager employees, went into the office pretty early, and I was somewhat compelled to go with them. I picked up my bags, and wandered into the centre of Pangbourne. Thinking I would probably have to wait until after 9:30 to get a train at a sensible fare, I had a bit of time to kill, and decided to get my hair cut. After this I got on a train, making a brief stop at Reading to buy presents, before heading on to Guildford.
I got to Adrian and Liz's house around lunchtime. Had lunch with Liz, and spent the afternoon reading in between bouts of playing with the kids, who were adorable as ever. After Adrian came back we had some pasta for dinner, and then headed out for the evening to watch Star Wars Episode III.
As with the previous two Star Wars films, I had mixed feelings about it. Certainly numbers II and III have been a marked improvement on the first one, but still they somehow seem to fail to re-capture that magic of the original three films. I guess I am just too old for it now or something. Yes, it was nice to see all the loose ends tied up, and see the scene being set for the first three films, but at the same time prequels are always subject to the curse of knowing exactly what is going to happen at the end. Well anyway it made for a nice evening out regardless.

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