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Baps and Buns

Posted on 2005/06/09 13:54:21 (June 2005).

[Sunday 5th June]
Today was Lorenzo's last day with us. We didn't really plan very much - stayed in the flat until the early afternoon, at which point I had a sudden craving for afternoon tea. I'd remembered seeing that apparently there was a Cornish bakery in Hiroshima (!) and after consulting the web it turned it that it was actually within walking distance of the family's flat. So we went for a wander to find it. The lady who ran it had apparently spent a year at Cornwall College (presumably this is somewhere in Cornwall - Truro perhaps?) studying English baking. So her shop was more or less like a normal Japanese pan-ya-san, but the things in it had a decidedly English slant. We bought a real assortment, the highlight being the scones which were fresh out of the oven.
Whilst there we were accosted by a gaggle of Japanese schoolkids with baseball outfits on, thus explaining the rather strange picture, taken outside "Baps and Buns". We saw Lorenzo off at the station around 6ish, after which Chie and I had a little wander round the shops but didn't really buy anything. We went back home after a bit, and had pasta for dinner.

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