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Beer Garden

Posted on 2005/06/02 03:54:18 (June 2005).

[Wednesday 1st June]
Continuing the "outdoors" theme of the past few days, today's main event was a visit to a "Beer Garden". It was my first time to go to one of these in Japan, and it was somewhat different to our concept of a beer garden back in England. It's basically just an outdoor nomihodai / tabehodai (eat and drink as much as you want) type of place. Ours was a sort of roof terrace on the top of a department store in Hiroshima. It cost something like 2800 Yen (14 quid) to get in, or a bit less for women, and you could then basically make as many trips to the bar as you wanted. They had Asahi on tap, plus a small selection of other drinks too - sake, sho-chu, and some dodgy looking cocktail things. The food selection was surprisingly big actually - a buffet cross section of several different styles of Japanese food. Anyway, this made for a great outing.

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