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Travelling to Tokyo

Posted on 2005/05/12 14:19:03 (May 2005).

[Wednesday 11th May]
Left Hiroshima at 11.30 in the morning in the Shinkansen bound for Tokyo. Had lunch and a beer or two during the train journey, and even did a bit of software development - those hundred or so lines of code will always hold a special place in my heart now given that they were written on the shinkansen. Travelling on this wonderful train service really was a joy as ever, particularly as I was able to get some decent views of Mount Fuji en route.
We arrived in Tokyo mid-afternoon, and headed straight to some obscure district to check in to our weekly mansion, where we would be staying for, funnily enough, the next week. This was my first experience of a weekly mansion, and it was quite a thing to behold. One tiny little room, which, in theor, has everything you need to live - a place to sleep, a bathroom, and even basic cooking facilities (a microwave, a hob, a few pots and pans). After an initial period of "adjustment", I started to take something of a shine to the little shoebox as it happens. We ate in that evening - buying some pasta etc in a hyaku yen shop nearby (wherein, bizarrely, a chopping knife was the same price as the onion you'd use it to cut with).

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