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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Mostly Stayed In

Posted on 2005/05/10 03:41:20 (May 2005).

[Sunday 8th May]
Stayed indoors most of the day again, and got quite a lot done in the computer. It has been quite a while since I've had a decent amount of time to do some serious development work on StuffTV etc, so this has been very satisfying. Did go out for a while around 5 or 6 for a walk around the local park, up on a hill, and strangely took a few pictures of Japanese warning signs, etc.

Comment 1

Your descriptions of activity are not, erm, descriptive enough for the enquiring few at Softel. What, for example, is the warning sign for? What is gyoza and why is your RSS feed still rubbish?!

Posted by Simon at 2005/05/10 08:55:24.

Comment 2

Simon sunshine, thank you very much for the feedback. To address the points you raised:

1) I think it is warning you not to fall over the cliff on the other side of this fence. Although, in fairness, this is more of a guess than an authoratitive answer.

2) Gyoza are those kind of dumpling things that feature in Japanese food, but originate from Chinese food. They're not a million miles from ravioli, indeed, this may well be where Marco Polo or whoever it was got the idea for ravioli from.

3) My RSS feed is still rubbish because I'm a luddite, and I refuse (or am too lazy) to change technology.

4) Yes, I have been drinking (you didn't ask, but I am pre-empting this question given the general crapness of writing quality in my reply here).

Posted by John at 2005/05/12 14:06:34.

Comment 3

John, things must be really bad for you to be steaming drunk at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. ! :)

Pehaps you need to change the time on the maison to be GMT+9 so as to not make you look like an alcoholic ?

Posted by Kev at 2005/05/13 19:13:23.

Comment 4

A good point Kev. Perhaps the time could be accompanied by a DRI (drunkenness respectability indicator) this could measure how outrageous it would be for you to be trollied at that particular time of day (relevant to your own timezone, of course).

Posted by John at 2005/05/14 05:02:16.

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