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Posted on 2005/05/03 02:08:57 (May 2005).

[Sunday 1st May]
We left the hotel early and got on a coach to Heathrow, a rather unceremonious goodbye to England (I guess we'd done all of that the previous evening). We'd got our tickets with KLM, as it was cheap, which meant we had to first take a connecting flight to Amsterdam before the main flight to Osaka. I really hate flying so wasn't particularly looking forward to today. The first connecting flight was a little bit rough, but actually the main flight wasn't too bad, and after the first hour or so I was actually pretty relaxed - particularly as we had three seats for the two of us (the flight wasn't particularly full) so we could really spread out. I still wasn't able to sleep on the plane though. I'd brought along some Nytol on the suggestion of the doctor, but in the end chose not to take it - I've never taken sleep medicine before, and was worried I might have a bad reaction to it or something. Planes generally aren't the best places to undergo anaphilactic shocks.
Anyway, yes, the flight wasn't too bad - the inflight films included National Treasure, and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, neither of which were particularly great, but did at least serve to take my mind off worrying just how several tons of metal could manage to be that far up in the sky. From the point of view of writing a journal, it's a bit difficult to know where one day finishes and another ends when flying between different time zones. We touched down in Osaka before 9 in the morning Japanese time, which is after midnight UK time... so I guess that's as good a point as any to draw a line.

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