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Final Slog

Posted on 2005/05/03 02:05:49 (May 2005).

[Thursday 28th April]
Junchan had stayed the previous evening, which was nice as it meant we could get the train into London together in the morning. This gave us a good chance to have a chat about life, the universe and everything. After that I spent the rest of the day (and I mean that literally, the entire rest of the day, until gone midnight) with my supervisor putting the finishing touches to my thesis. Having wanted to leave about 8, I didn't eventually leave until after midnight, and didn't get home until gone 2 o' clock in the morning, with three printed copies of my thesis in hand.
My Dad, who had arranged to come and stay for the evening, very kindly hatched a complicated plan to pick me up at a place convenient to intersect with my supervisor's route home. The chosen venue was the awe inspiring South Mimms service station, somewhere north of London. The levels of general fatigue I was suffering, whereby I was bordering on hallucination anyway, turned into a riot of surreality, given the extreme weirdness of being at South Mimms that time of the morning. I was forced to conclude, as Arkwright from "Open All Hours" would observe - It's been a funny sort of day.

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