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Gin and Tonic Picnic

Posted on 2005/04/01 24:28:25 (April 2005).

[Monday 28th March]
Easter Monday - yet another day off (although doesn't make much difference for me at the moment!). We both got up pretty late, and in the afternoon went for a sort of picnic by the Thames. Actually I'm not sure you can call it a picnic technically - we didn't have a great deal in the way of food, just some crisps and nuts really. We did however take some gin, tonic, and even ice, so enjoyed a very nice drink or two whilst watching the world (and the river) go by. Oh and I took my hipflask with some whisky in. I took a magazine and a book to read, and Chie took her drawing set, and we had a very pleasant few hours of it, all told. Chie cooked for dinner - a Chinese/Japanese meal which I'm not really sure I can describe! It featured sort of spring rolls - but not deep fried. So basically vegetables wrapped in rice paper. Not sure what these are called. She also did little moulded rice balls flavoured with shiso, and a kind of soup with sweet potato in. All very nice!

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