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Monday in Paris

Posted on 2005/03/02 20:16:49 (March 2005).

[Monday 28th February]
As our train wasn't until about 6 in the evening, we were able to make surprisingly good use of the time on the last day. Yuka and Miho did their own thing in the morning (don't remember where). Me and Chie got up later on and wandered out for a spot of brunch at a really great little sandwich place called Nils, which is supposedly Scandanavian, and surprisingly was ran by this English guy.
Chie and I spent the rest of the morning on a general wander, before meeting up with Yuka and Miho for lunch. We ate at a place called Cigale something or other, which specialised in souffles. I'd never really had a souffle before and I think I've developed the general opinion that they're not really my cup of tea. The sweet ones were a bit more up my street though.
After lunch the girls went off again, and Chie and I spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering around shops etc. Spent quite a while in Printemps, the department store, particularly as it has a roof terrace with some nice views of Paris.
We got on the train back to London just after 6, following a small drama where Yuka and Miho managed to get lost in Gare du Nord somehow, and we thought they weren't going to make the train. The return train journey was surprisingly nice - drank the remainder of whisky in my hipflask, ate some pistachio nuts, had a surprisingly nice meal from the buffet and just generally relaxed.

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