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Sunday in Paris

Posted on 2005/03/02 20:03:57 (March 2005).

[Sunday 27th February]
This was almost certainly my favourite day of the trip. This, despite a rather shaky start - I woke with a surprising hangover, although I'd only had a few beers the previous evening it was all on an empty stomach. Undeterred we headed out at a reasonable time in the morning for a tour of some Parisian markets - about the only thing that opens on a Sunday. My favourite was, of course, the food market we went to first (around the Bastille I think). We bought a few bits and pieces here including the usual bread, olives and cheese, and also some morels to take back to England. After that we continued on to some antiques markets in the North of Paris. Had lunch in a cafe by one of the antiuque markets, which wasn't bad.
Later in the afternoon I was starting to feel a bit tired after the excesses of the previous evening, so we went back to the hotel for a bit of a nap. We resumed our holiday activities with renewed vigour in the early evening, first off with a trip to a couple of bars. The second one - Harry's (or Henry's) New York Bar - was the alleged birthplace of the Bloody Mary. The first one was actually the bar next door, which we went into by mistake having failed to work out which door was which!
For dinner we met up with Yuka and Miho again, to go to a cafe I'd read about in Time Out called Au General La Fayette, and fortunately one of only a handful that was open on a Sunday. This rounded off the day brilliantly - great food, great decor and all round great atmosphere. Lovely.

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